8. Recently shot for a new client, named Neil (and his fiance Anisha), at his wedding party last weekend. It’s always good to go out and surround myself with a new environment to shoot and Neil’s family’s hospitality made it that much easier to adjust myself. So glad Neil loved his pictures!


  9. Car/\ \ACK.


  10. Another dope experience on stage with Skeme, Audio Push, and Vince Staples at the, almost sold out, Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. I have to say, it’s truly an amazing feeling when you’re snapping pictures right next to some of your favorite artists from California. #ThePaisleySummerTour



  12. Celebrated the 4th of July with All Money In as they took over the House of Blues in Downtown San Diego. Appearances from Nipsey, B.H, J. Stone, Cobby Supreme, and DJ V.I.P made it that much more exciting to be there shooting. Wish my big bro JP was there!



  14. Madame Christabel at the beach the other day playing with her toys.

    She’s my favorite.


  15. My girl wants to get it, but You can get it in the meantime.