1. Gotta love IamSu’s originality and consistency on any record he hops on. Dope ass producer too.

    I envy musical geniuses like Su.


  2. Symmetry.


  3. Met up with Laureanni last night to listen to what he has been working on and possible ideas for the cover of his mixtape he’s going to release. Excited to give this a try.


  4. Always good energy in the AMI office. Got the pleasure to meet Ralo Stylez and J. Stone, finally.

    Blessed to be able to witness this movement from the forefront.

    I will never be able to thank Jorge Peniche enough!


  5. plays: 40

    Don’t lose FOCUS.

    Dug through some of Skeme’s old music for a video I’m about to finally edit and found some gold. #Ingleworld is dropping on the 17th of this month.



    Packed house, mad love.


  7. Happy bday to the boss, Debozo.

    May God’s blessings keep pouring in for this good man.


  8. Circuit Systems.



  10. WINFETTI!!!



  12. STAPLES.

    Wish I had taken this pictures on the other side of the arena.


  13. Hit the Lakers game with some of my buddies for DK’s 21st birthday. Got to enjoy the game from great seats with great food.


  14. David gave one of his promo tees to this awesome street performer on Haight Street.



  15. Amoeba Music Record Store in San Francisco, CA.