2. Celebrated the 4th of July with All Money In as they took over the House of Blues in Downtown San Diego. Appearances from Nipsey, B.H, J. Stone, Cobby Supreme, and DJ V.I.P made it that much more exciting to be there shooting. Wish my big bro JP was there!



  4. Madame Christabel at the beach the other day playing with her toys.

    She’s my favorite.


  5. My girl wants to get it, but You can get it in the meantime.


  6. Refreshment.


  7. Huntington Beach, CA.


  8. Supporting my girl Vivian’a final event as the head planner for ASUCI events. She’s too awesome at what she does.


  9. Losers.


  10. Reload station after the gym.


  11. #TWINNING at the twins house party for their 21st.


  12. Got a new toy to work with on Sundays.


  13. My sock game proper.


  14. Old School Caddy that my bro Lawrence had at his shop. Shoulda taken a view of the tail lights.


  15. Porters Pub, UCSD. Packed house for Curren$y. Andre and Keiro held down their set as well.